About the Project



Brian Watkyns
February 2022

Pinelands has a unique place in the history of South Africa. It was the first planned town and the first Garden City which aimed to creating a rural atmosphere in a residential area. What is often overlooked is that it also appears to be first real attempt at providing affordable housing.

The first residents moved into Pinelands 100 years ago in February 1922, with the first three houses being occupied in Mead Way. This webpage is an attempt to capture some of the more interesting aspects of the rich history of the farm Uitvlugt and Pinelands and how the suburb has grown into a home for all communities and faiths.

Every attempt has been made trace the source documents for articles. Where contradictory information was found, the most likely version was accepted, failing which the information was omitted. Should you have additional or contrary information on an article please email the source document to me at bwatkyns@icon.co.za.

In using photographs and visuals, I have done my best to avoid any that are copyrighted. If any are in fact infringing any copyright, please advise me.

Finally, thanks to the Pinelands Ratepayers and Residents Association for their practical support and encouragement without whom this project would not exist and to Yazied Davids, whose advice and webpage skills have been invaluable to the project.