Road Naming (Part 2)

Not all street names proved to be popular and were often controversial for residents. When Central Avenue was constructed, three street name plates were made for its original name, Stuttaford Ave, and installed. The next morning all three nameplates had been removed and were lying on the ground. A resident wrote a letter to Garden …

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Road Naming (Part 1)

Prior to the founding of Pinelands there was a gravel road that led through the forest to the Maitland Cemetery. Maps of the time aptly named this sandy road, Cemetery Road. With the establishment of Pinelands, this became commonly referred to as Pinelands Drive before being officially named Forest Drive. Forest Drive was intended for …

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Preserving Heritage

Preserving heritage in Pinelands takes many forms. It could be preserving whole areas or individual memorials. Some memorials are buildings such as the SAWAS Home and the Clareinch Home, but it is rumoured that both of these buildings are to be demolished. There is a statue to Wolraad Woltemade although he was not directly linked …

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